We are newlyweds, Kristian and Heidi Hutson, and we are beginning married life on a 3 month bicycle ride, hence the name “Newlypeds”. We are traveling across the Northern part of the United States, attempting to complete a self-supported bike ride from Seaside, Oregon to Bar Harbor, Maine. Our focus is on adventure and physical challenge, all visible through photography and blogging. Please follow our blog to stay up to date on all of our adventures along the way.


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  1. Glad all is going well. Nice wordson you’re daily blog. In Iowa the Ragbrai you ride in will be accompanied by some friends of mine. They have biked that ride for 29 years. Do you know Kent ( cannot recall his last name) but he owns a cleaner in Ellisville. I will find out the name and let you kn

  2. Moms’ been drinking, don’t come for supper tonite. This could be something! Did you get your wheel fixed? Lolololololol

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