Day 78 – 4465 Miles

We did it! We made it to Bar Harbor, ME today. A 39 mile ride from Orland, ME to Bar Harbor, ME. We rode along the coast all day- such a beautiful area once you get to the coast.

Our journey comes to an end, after 4465 miles, 16 states, 11 weeks, and 2 oceans. We will hang out in Maine for a few days with my mom, then we will head West to St. Louis, MO to get back to the grind.

We are so happy and thankful for those who gave us a place to stay, or came to visit us. It really made our trip! Jim and Sarah, thanks for everything in Portland, OR- we appreciate you picking up our bikes, even if they did get destroyed in shipping! Kaitlin and Brian, we appreciated meeting for beers before we embarked on our long journey in Portland, OR. Pat and Beth, we had such a great time hanging out, sleeping in the van, and rafting out there in Husum, WA. Maura, thank you for the wonderful hospitality in Missoula- we had such a great time at your full moon BBQ! Adrian and Jose, we cannot thank you enough for meeting us in Billings to hang out with us. We had a great time enjoying the breweries with you! Katie, thanks for that incredible BBQ in Des Moines- absolutely amazing! Anne, thanks for meeting us in Fort Madison, IA after Ragbrai. We had a great time! Donna and Joel, we thank you so much for giving us a place to stay after Ragbrai- and for feeding us! Tim and George, it was a pleasure hanging out with you in Peoria, enjoying beers and BBQ, and bike riding! Mike and Sharon, thanks for sharing your stories and beers with us in Western Ohio at the Lazy River Campground. Alex and Chrissy, thank you for the wonderful hospitality in Cleveland, OH- so happy we were able to enjoy a new city! And a huge thank you to my mom for driving two days to come pick us up in Bar Harbor, ME. We are so thankful!

Looking forward to giving ourselves a well- deserved rest for a bit. Best honeymoon ever- would not change it for anything!










6 responses to “Day 78 – 4465 Miles

  1. we have enjoyed your pictures and stories all the way since we met u will b missing them hope you guys have a safe trip home and still keep in touch!

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