Day 77 – 4426 Miles

Only one more day left! We made it to the Atlantic Ocean today- finally. We rode 74 miles from Augusta, ME to Orland, ME. Tomorrow, we only have about 35-40 miles until we get to Bar Harbor, ME and celebrate!

Today was a rough day- I would say the past couple of days have been the toughest ones on this trip. This is due to the high volume of steep hills, very bad roads full of potholes, and the fact that we ended up on a dirt road in which we had to walk our bikes uphill for two miles.

We had thought about trying to get to Bar Harbor today, but it would have been too much. We wanted to enjoy our last day on our bikes, and doing 100+ miles on an 80 pound touring bike is not fun!

Stopped off in a town early on in the day, Windsor, ME. They had one general store there and they advertised guns, cold beer, and wedding dresses. To say the least, it was entertaining!

We also had been beginning to wonder what the hype was about Maine, because we had not been impressed until we finally got to the water. Now, we can see what everyone has been talking about. I hope we are blown away once we get to Bar Harbor because Maine has been a very tough ride!

Camping out in Orland, ME tonight, then heading to our last stop tomorrow. It is hard to believe we are almost there! 20130824-200850.jpg













5 responses to “Day 77 – 4426 Miles

    • Looking forward to having a pint and sharing some stories too brother. Bringing back some goodness to sip on :).

  1. you guys have gave everyone such beautiful pictures and such good stories I wish you would just continue on.I think it was a very beautiful way to do a honeymoon! Hope the rest of your marriage is as awesome!:)

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