Day 76 – 4352 Miles

We have spent the day riding through the short steep hills of Maine. Wow! I had no idea how hilly this state was. We have definitely had some tough last couple of days.

We left Bridgport, ME and rode to Augusta, ME today- 60 miles with lots of hills. We have yet to see the Ocean as we have been inland since we arrived. We had heard from cyclists that the route along the coast was pretty bad, in terms of tourists, RVs, and all together crazy ignorant drivers. So we took their advice and went inland. We will see the coast tomorrow!

Our plans are to head as far as we can tomorrow. Unfortunately there has not been many places to stop here so we had to call it quits after 60 miles. We have 100 miles until we reach Bar Harbor. We will attempt it tomorrow, but if we do not get the 100 miles in, we will just finish up on Sunday!

Definitely reaching that point of burn out. It’s just the last couple of days- so close to the end. We have enjoyed our summer, but I think we are both ready to get off of our bikes for a bit.

My mom is coming to meet us in Bar Harbor, ME on Sunday. We will show her some of the Northeast that we have been experiencing. Then we will head home next week!







2 responses to “Day 76 – 4352 Miles

  1. hi mike &i have been following you all along your trip and everything looks so beautiful! hope to keep in touch with you and let us know when you do get home:)

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