Day 75 – 4292 Miles

We made it to Maine today! The last state we will be going through. It is hard to believe we have just entered our 16th state this summer!

It was a tough ride today- 73 miles from North Woodstock, NH to Bridgeton, ME. We rode through the rest of the White Mountains in New Hampshire this morning- 12 miles uphill to Kancamagus Pass (2855 feet). It was slow and steady, but we made it!

Throughout the ride today, we consistently saw signs on the road warning us of Moose Crossings, but we failed to see any. I know Kristian was hoping to see a moose!

Staying in Bridgeton, ME tonight, then heading East tomorrow along the coast. Looking forward to enjoying our last few days on the bike. No big mountains on the agenda, but lots of short steep climbs the rest of the way. 20130822-204118.jpg20130822-204125.jpg20130822-204132.jpg20130822-204139.jpg20130822-204203.jpg







One response to “Day 75 – 4292 Miles

  1. I know it is kind of sad to come to the end in some ways. But I am sure at least Heidi will like a real bed! New Hampshire and the mountains are a beautiful area. Have u seen any road side stands selling lobster and corn on the cob, maybe too rural where u two are but it is the best! Beautiful views. Enjoy the rest of your ride. What a great way to spend your honeymoon! You both did just fabulous! We are proud if both of u!

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