Day 73 – 4159 Miles

Today we rode only 57 miles from Burlington, VT to Montpelier, VT. Another beautiful day, albeit very hot, but enjoyable!

Kristian was set on getting a very popular beer here, Heady Topper, so we stopped off in Waterbury, VT to visit the brewery so he could get some. We stayed in that town for a bit, met some very friendly people, and then pedaled on.

We are staying in Montpelier tonight and will be in New Hampshire tomorrow. Lots of steep hills once again, and some major hills to come in the next few days! We have slowed down a bit, trying to enjoy the Northeast as much as possible.










One response to “Day 73 – 4159 Miles

  1. Hey guys, Greg here. (Met and chatted at the Blackback Pub) So glad to have met you guys! I can’t stop looking at equipment and bikes since I’ve gotten back to Philadelphia. Once you get home and settle, I may have to pick your brain to help me create a checklist for gear I’ll need. [ I guess I should’ve taken notes at the bar. šŸ™‚ ]

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